Need a tow truck in Pantego?

Pantego gets its name from Colonel Frederick Forney Foscue. Colonel Foscue originally donated the land for a school house, in honor of his Native American friend, Pantego. As far as Texas cities goes, it’s one of the smallest, with a land area of just 1,004 square miles. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in small town charm. Pantego offers all that large cities can’t; civic engagement, unique local businesses, affordable living, and a great educational system.

Tow Truck Arlington is proud to announce we are now providing 24 hours towing in Pantego, and emergency roadside assistance in Pantego. With this towing service, you can access all of the services we offer. With Pantego being surrounded by our current service, you can rest assured you will receive fast response times with our tow truck service.


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We understand Texas is full of self-reliant people and calling for help is not always something they are inclined to do. But with the roadways being one of the most dangerous places to be, trying to get your inoperable car home could turn into something much worse than just a minor expense. You could potentially cause serious injury to yourself or someone else in the process. With you caliber of drivers on the road today, it's just not a good idea. Plus there's the chance you could further damage your vehicle. We see it all the time; bumpers ripped off, broken tail lights, bent axles, the list goes on and on.  So please when you breakdown, make sure you call our towing Pantego professionals. The simple fact is risking your life to save a buck could go horribly wrong. So please don't become just another statistic.

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